Isn’t marketing like wine – it takes time? How can you get things done quickly?

After doing it for companies ranging from startups to large corporations for so many years, we can go into a client, talk to them for a short period of time. Then we come back with a unique and beneficial message. Determine the most desired target audience and execute the most effective and economical way to reach them. Years ago, we worked with clients for 15, 20 years. That’s not what we want to do now. We want to accelerate the process successfully in six months to one year.

  • Ron Greenstone. Greenstone & Nehlen Marketing

What marketing technique yields fast results?

The right message. Companies usually don’t have a strong benefit message and are using the same one they had for years. It’s been working, but not great. Companies get lost in day-to-day business. We take them back to the day before they started, when they knew exactly what they wanted to do and how they were going to do it. They knew what their product or service did better, their price, and how they were going to beat the competition. They had the enthusiasm and energy to be successful. The following day they got into business and business got into them.

-Ron Greenstone. Greenstone & Nehlen Marketing