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What marketing technique yields fast results?

The right message. Companies usually don’t have a strong benefit message and are using the same one they had for years. It’s been working, but not great. Companies get lost in day-to-day business. We take them back to the day before they started, when they knew exactly what they wanted to do and how they were going to do it. They knew what their product or service did better, their price, and how they were going to beat the competition. They had the enthusiasm and energy to be successful. The following day they got into business and business got into them.

-Ron Greenstone. Greenstone & Nehlen Marketing

Your first marketing agency should be next door to another marketing agency.

I started my agency in Melville, Long Island which was 30 miles from the big City – New York. I was a good new business person and manager, but knew the real creative talents in marketing were an hour and a half away. However, many of them lived just a few minutes from my office. My objective was to create a New York City agency on Long Island. What I did was offer these talented people an alternative to their three hours of miserable travel to and from the City. I said to each candidate “what are you making in the City? “I’ll give you 10% less, but give you three hours more of your life by working close to your home”. No one said no.

Where should you start a marketing agency? Don’t do it from home to save money..

An office is an environment to work and a home is a distraction from working. If you’re a management person get a small office, preferably next to a creative service. If you’re a creative person get a small office next to a management person. I started in a 300 sq. ft. office over a barber shop. Hired a high school graduate who helped me answer the phones, did some bookkeeping, paperwork, and listened to my complaining. Soon we grew and took more space and eventually moved to a real office building with 2500 sq. ft. eventually, we had over 30,000 sq. ft. in several offices in both New York and Florida. Recently I started a new marketing company with an office in Bohemia, NY.

– Ron Greenstone