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Pick the right clients when you start your marketing agency.

What clients do you take when you first open your marketing agency? The answer is simple – take any and all that pay the bills. When I first started I took on several car dealers even though my past experience was with industrial companies. Car dealers weren’t loyal to their agencies they just want sales to go up each week. I looked at their print ads in Friday papers, went to visit them for a few minutes a couple of days later and told them I could do them better. They said “go ahead and show me”. The following week I showed them better ads and they said “you’re my new agency”. Two years later I sent them all a “Dear John” resignation letter and went back to what kind of business I really wanted.

– Ron Greenstone


Where should you start a marketing agency? Don’t do it from home to save money..

An office is an environment to work and a home is a distraction from working. If you’re a management person get a small office, preferably next to a creative service. If you’re a creative person get a small office next to a management person. I started in a 300 sq. ft. office over a barber shop. Hired a high school graduate who helped me answer the phones, did some bookkeeping, paperwork, and listened to my complaining. Soon we grew and took more space and eventually moved to a real office building with 2500 sq. ft. eventually, we had over 30,000 sq. ft. in several offices in both New York and Florida. Recently I started a new marketing company with an office in Bohemia, NY.

– Ron Greenstone