Chris Nehlen

For more than 35 years, Chris Nehlen has been combining extraordinary creativity with carefully researched marketing strategy to craft advertising campaigns that are powerful, memorable and effective.

Utilizing keen perception and insight as to what moves and persuades people, Chris has developed precisely targeted campaigns that have grown business and increased brand awareness on a national, regional and local level.

Chris began his marketing career in the print media, and for five years was VP Creative Director for the Penton Publishing Company in Ohio, responsible for the creative strategy and marketing of the company’s expansive business-to-business publications. Moving east, he became VP Creative Director at the Long Island ad agency of Greenstone and Rabasca, where he developed strategies and creative campaigns for G&R clients including Astoria Federal Savings, Avis, and Twinlab Nutraceuticals.

In 1986 Chris partnered with the owner of a small ad agency and over the years Welch Nehlen Groome evolved into Long Island’s most respected agency. Delivering messages that resonate and motivate, WNG grew into a dynamic force in the advertising industry with clients on both coasts across a wide range of industries, most notably Avis, Cablevision, Cheyenne Software, Newsday, Garden City Hotel, NSLIJ Health Systems, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar and Worth magazine, Scholastic, Cap Gemini/Ernst & Young and on the west coast: HP, Intel, Providian, GetSmart, and ZDNet.

Three years ago, Chris partnered with former employer Ron Greenstone to form Greenstone Nehlen, a marketing agency with unmatched expertise in creating big ideas and implementing strategies designed to quickly increase sales and expand awareness.